Climate change

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The way we see it is that it's our role to preserve resources for future generations. That means focusing on the three Rs - reduce – reuse – recycle. It's about making a conscious effort to make better choices.

As a waste management company, we understand that safe waste management is critical for the health and safety of the population and the environment.

Treating waste in an environmentally friendly way

At LondonEnergy, we manage waste locally in the most appropriate, safe, and environmentally friendly way. That means working hard to divert around 698,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year

Unfortunately, to date, half of the waste generated in North London is still not recyclable. However, we must make sure all waste is managed responsibly. This is why we move waste up the waste hierarchy when appropriate:

  • Prevention
  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Recovery
  • Disposal

Low carbon energy rather than landfill

Energy from waste is the lowest carbon option for managing residual waste, avoiding 200 Kg of CO2 for every tonne of waste diverted away from damaging landfill. It is also fundamental in preventing waste from becoming a health hazard and from polluting our water system.

LondonEnergy is backed by the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin facilitated by Ofgem. This certificate demonstrates that at least 50% of the energy we generate is from a renewable energy source.

Find out more about how we produce green energy here.

Reducing waste

LondonEnergy is working in close collaboration with the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to deliver campaigns about reducing our level of waste and educating the population of North London to make better consumption choices.

As a company, we are supporting The Felix Project, a charity dedicated to fighting food waste while helping those in need.


When possible, we try to prolong the lives of the goods we collect in our Recycling and Reuse Centres. If an item is still in good condition, our operatives will suggest it goes to our Second Time Around Shop, where pre-loved items are resold at discounted prices for the local community.


LondonEnergy is managing six Recycle and Reuse Centers in North London. All our recycling partners are UK based.

We are constantly striving to improve our recycling capacity. In the last year, we have invested in new technologies and are piloting new recycling schemes such as mattress and polystyrene recycling.

Find out more information on what you can recycle here.

Reducing our own emissions

Not only do we strive to manage waste in a way that minimises environmental impact, but we are also constantly finding new ways to reduce the emissions from our own operations.

Energy friendly transport fleet

LondonEnergy has had all its HGV vehicles running on biodiesel since September 2020.

Our vehicle fleet meets the highest Euro grading (Euro 6). Our entire HGV fleet is now less than three years old, ensuring it runs economically and achieves Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliance. In addition, we have fitted specific equipment, which has resulted in approximately 40% improved running efficiency.

The LondonEnergy transport team is constantly reviewing HGV routes, monitoring driving patterns, and receiving training to ensure they always use the safest and most fuel-efficient options.

Environmentally friendly water usage

Unlike other industries which take water for cooling purposes directly from the river, our Cooling Towers use water from the outlet at the Thames Water Deephams Sewage Treatment Plant. We reuse water in the best possible way and protect our nearby watercourse, Salmons Brook.

Environmental Management Systems Certified

LondonEnergy is an Integrated Management System (IMS) certified company.

We hold three ISO certifications: ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO45001 Health & Safety Management System.

Our investment is a clear testament that LondonEnergy puts residents and customers first, assess and manage environmental impacts of its business activities, and helps to protect all its employees.

Understanding our emissions

Waste management companies are some of the organisations that are the most tightly monitored for environmental impact. The Environment Agency regulates everything we do to ensure our emissions are as low as possible.

Find out more about how we monitor emissions here.

ISOQAR 45001
ISOQAR 14001
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New Facility

Our current plant has served the North London community well over the years, but it's ready to retire as it approaches its 50th year of service.

That's why we're building a new, replacement Energy Recovery Facility, which will help us recycle more and generate more electricity.